Jewelry Appraisals

Whether it’s your engagement ring or a valuable piece of jewelry, the bottom line is this: your jewelry is precious. And because of that, it’s important to protect your investment. In addition, the value of your jewelry can fluctuate if your jewelry is insured.

To receive the best protection, you should obtain regular appraisals from someone qualified, and someone you trust. This is where we come in. At Ray-Ward, you’ll find a graduate gemologist appraiser on staff. We recommend a detailed appraisal every two years.

Our services include:

We provide appraisals that can be used for:

Insurance to cover loss, damage, or theft

Estate tax valuation

Your appraisal will include:

A written value assessment for current retail, estate or liquidation purposes

A photograph of each piece for insurance (if requested)

Two copies (one for your records, one for your insurance provider)

Testing and documentation

Gem identification

Grading analysis