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Staying on-trend and always in-style.


Oklahoma’s place for fashion.

When we think about Oklahoma, two words come to mind: casual and fun. That’s exactly how we think about the fine jewelry we select for our store. Every piece of jewelry you’ll find at Ray-Ward Fine Jewelers not only has to meet our standards, it has to be what we consider jewelry for the everyday. Your everyday. It has to be comfortable. It has to be affordable. It has to be special, but not over-the-top. Because that’s not who we are here in the great state of Oklahoma. In other words, it has to be fine jewelry that fits your lifestyle in a place that we all call home. Feeling at home is exactly the way we want you to feel here at Ray-Ward. If you love fine jewelry, you’ve found the perfect place to shop. Why wait? You can shop the fine jewelry we carry in our store now! 

Designers for the everyday.

There are thousands of jewelry designers across the world, and we certainly have many in our store. When we select a designer for our showcases, we select them with only one thing in mind: You. Here are some of our favorites: 

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Staying on-trend and always in-style.

At Ray-Ward Fine Jewelers, we take the time to go to some of the largest jewelry shows in the world just to bring you some of the best. Fine jewelry, like fashion, tends to change from time to time. You will always see some of those styles in our store. But what really remains on-trend are always the classics. 

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Stack them up.

Stackable jewelry is not only on-trend, but we think it’s here to stay. With stackables, the possibilities are endless. You can stack rings, bracelets and necklaces. You can stack with different gemstones. We love the look of stackable bands. Start with one and keep adding to commemorate a birthday, anniversary, or for no reason at all!  

All that glitters is gold.

Gold, be it white, yellow, or rose, is by far our most popular precious metal. But we’re glad to see yellow gold come back in fashion. After all, yellow gold has always been a classic choice in fine jewelry - and a staple! Gold should be part of any wardrobe. Remember how you used to think that you couldn’t mix your metals? That’s just not the case now! Wear them all. 

Score some hoops.

Hoop earrings are on the “must have” list right next to diamond studs in the world of fine jewelry. The classic hoop earring never goes out of style! We carry diamond hoops in all sizes and precious metals and help you select the perfect hoop to fit your lifestyle. If you had to choose just one (and, we hope not), we might suggest a classic diamond hoop earring.

Diamonds. And, more diamonds.

Diamond jewelry should always be a staple in any wardrobe. Why? Because it never goes out of style. There’s a reason why they are “a girl's best friend!” The single most popular item in diamond jewelry are diamond stud earrings - which can be large or small, depending on your budget. And, believe it or not, the size of your earlobes! All of our fine diamond jewelry can be set in white, yellow, rose gold or platinum.

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Metals matter.

When buying fine jewelry, you often think about the gemstone or design. What you often don’t think about is the precious metal. You should, because there are differences. For example, if you’re extremely active and want to wear your fine jewelry while you exercise, white gold may not be the best choice. If you have allergies to metals, platinum is hypo-allergenic, so that might be the better way to go. Find out more about metals here.

Color Fashion Jewelry

Color you beautiful.
Colored gemstone jewelry is an expression of your personal style. There’s just something about color, especially in the world of fine jewelry! Some colored gemstones have been treasured since the beginning of time. What you may not know is that colored gemstones have played an important part in some pretty interesting myths and legends! Emeralds, sapphires and rubies are some of the most sought after (and well-known), but there’s an array of colored gemstones for you to choose from to match your style and budget! Learn more about color.

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Watch Lines

The perfect time.
Fine jewelry goes beyond fashion jewelry. A classic, yet spectacular timepiece not only endures, it speaks to who you are. From masculine to feminine, to casual or dressy, our watches will fit any lifestyle, and yes, budget. It’s time. Let’s go shopping.

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